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Annual Reports

01 February 2019Mkhambathini Draft Annual Report 2017/2018Download
08 February 2018Draft Annual Report 2016/2017Download
04 April 2017Annual Report 2015/2016Download
01 February 2017Draft Annual Report for Public CommentsDownload
29 January 2016Annual Report 2014/2015Download
29 January 2015Annual Report 2013/2014Download
11 March 2013Annual Report 2012/2013Download
30 March 2011Oversight Report for 2009 / 2010Download
02 February 2011Annual Report 2010-2011Download
30 March 2009Annual Report 2008/2009Download
06 April 2009Annual Report 2007/2008Download
02 February 2009Oversight Report for Annual Report 2007/2008Download