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Special Programmes and Operation Sukuma Sakhe

Operation Sukuma Sakhe (OSS) is a Provincial programme that is a call for all public service institutions within KwaZulu Natal to contribute towards poverty alleviation and rebuilding the communities. This programme aims to facilitate provision of Government services to communities and households as early as possible through collaboration and integration of all interventions of the various Government Departments. OSS requires that communities be profiled and the information gathered to be discussed at ward War Rooms by their field workers and Intervention and interventions thereof is facilitated through the Local Task Team by various relevant stakeholders.  At the same time, the special programmes comprise various social projects aimed at socio economic empowerment and support of vulnerable groups.

Furthermore, this business unit is responsible for ensuring that the municipality develops and implements the indigent policy that promotes provision of basic services to less fortunate residents of Mkhambathini Municipality.

Indigent Policy (document to be forwarded)

Indigent Register (document to be forwarded)

Upcoming events (updated as and when needed)

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Coordinator: Vacant

Tel: 031-785 9308